Parent Information

Why choose Home Visitation for your family?


Our program connects families with knowledgeable, highly trained Parent Educators that can provide help with the toughest challenges and questions that come raising with young children.


Parents learn how to grow their child's learning abilities and how to help them get off to a great start during their first years.


What is a Parents as Teachers Home Visit?


A trained and certified Parent Educator brings information and activities to support you through the journey of parenting. All of our information and activities are based in research and are designed to assist you in promoting your child's development.


Each visit will consist of a fun activity that you and your child can do together. For prenatal families the activities will help you through pregnancy and with preparing for your child's birth.


Your Parent Educator will assist you in finding answers to your questions about parenting and your child's development. You can also share and celebrate your child's growth with your Parent Educator.



Examples of PAT Activities


We learn more during the first years of childhood than at any other time during the lifespan. Children's brains are rapidly building connections and strengthening important neural pathways.


As adults we know that just because we cannot see something does not mean it does not exist. This concept is called object permanence, and it is something that children start developing in the first several months of life. The peek-a-boo book activity helps reinforce this concept and gives children an opportunity to practice using it.


Putting lids and sticks into a can may seem like a rather simple task, and you may wonder how it could support a child's development. There are actually a lot of skills that this activity helps children to build. The process of turning the can and moving the pieces helps children build skill and dexterity with their fingers, it also supports problem solving skills.


What do children learn from PAT activities?


- Gross motor skills, utilizing the large muscle groups, are important for crawling, walking, and throwing. So you can take him to the park to play tag, and teach him to play catch when he gets older.


- Fine motor skills, like using hands and fingers, are important for many tasks including writing and drawing as children get older. So she can draw pictures for you to hang on the refrigerator.


- Language development is critical for communication skills, speaking, and listening. So you can ask her what she wants to wear on the first day of school and she can say "my princess dress".


- Intellectual development involves the skills to understand the basics of the world around us, such as math and science. He'll need these skills to tell you how old he is by holding up four of his fingers.


- Social-Emotional development is critical for feeling confident, capable, and building relationships. These skills will help her make her first friend and ask them to join her for a tea party.


Building Literacy Through Book Sharing


Along with great activities and information you will also receive free books from your home visitor for you to keep. These books will help you build your child's library, and help them develop an early love for reading.


Reading with your child is a great way to spend time and connect with them. It can be a special time for you and your child to share.


The amount of words and language that children are exposed to early on can be a factor in school performance later on.


Enrich your knowledge of child development


We will help you track your child's progression through developmental milestones, and learn about the changes you will see as they grow.


In addition the program provides free developmental screenings to let you know where your child is at, and identify any concerns early on to connect your child with any needed help.


For experienced parents we provide up to date information on what has changed since your last child.

Get more ways to teach your child through play

Parents as Teachers has literally hundreds of fun activities spanning all areas of development for you to engage your child with.


Our activities utilize everyday objects and simple toys that are easy to get or make yourself.


For children play time is learning time, and we can help you and your child to get the most out of your time together.


Community resources relevant to your family


Your Parent Educator will connect you with community resources and events to support you and your family's needs and interests.


Whether you're looking for more family friendly activities, housing assistance, children's reading groups, child care, or anything to meet your family's needs, we will help you find what is available in your community.


Become a part of a parenting community


Another component of our program is called Group Connections. These group events occur throughout the year in different formats, from family friendly events, to presentations from community professionals, learning activities for children, and discussion time for parents.


Through them you will have the opportunity to meet and talk with other parents, gain more knowledge, and share your parenting experiences.