What are the annual reports?

The annual reports are a compilation of the information collected during DFS reviews from stakeholders, staff and families as well as case recommendations from the Wyoming Death Review and Prevention Team.  DFS is required to comment on the recommendations for systems improvement.

Local DFS Reviews

2013 Annual Report

2012 Annual Report

Sweetwater County DFS Oct 2014

2011 Annual Report

Natrona County DFS Oct 2014

2010 Annual Report

Platte County DFS Nov 2014

2009 Annual Report

Goshen County DFS Nov 2014

2008 Annual Report

2007 Annual Report

Sheridan County DFS Feb 2015

DFS Response to 2012 & 2013 Report

Johnson County DFS Feb 2015

SYNC Reviews

Adult Programs

Albany County Spring 2014

Johnson County 2014

Teton County 2014

Campbell County 2014

Lincoln County 2014

Sweetwater County 2013

Natrona County 2013

Park County 2013

Fremont County 2013

Juvenile Programs

Sheridan County 2013

Evanston 2014

Fremont County 2013

Sheridan County 2013

What are SYNC Reviews?

SYNC Reviews or Systems and You Networking and Collaborating on mental health and substance abuse services, are a collaborative process using qualified professionals and citizens who are trained to be members of a case review team.


The needs of individuals and families experiencing mental illness and/or addiction disease are best served when community systems work together. Their needs include not only quality treatment but also programs providing housing, education, law enforcement, job training, education, primary health care and more.


It is a strength based, constructive process that recognizes and celebrates successes, publishes systemic findings and advocates for any needed change by interviewing stakeholders, providers, clients and families. Know that treatment notes and client case files are not accessed.