We seek to improve Wyoming’s prevention of and responses to major injuries and fatalities of children. We Make recommendations for change through prevention, intervention, training, education, legislation and public policy.

The Wyoming Child Death Review and Prevention Team (WCDRPT) holds five meetings each year.  The WCDRPT reviews and evaluates trends in child deaths, or near death incidents, using specific guidelines and a strategic variety of people involved in human service agencies, justice systems, prevention work and medical professions, as well as citizens.


Through the collaborative review process, the team uses the findings to provide community education and promote awareness and advocacy for the issues that affect the health and safety of Wyoming children.

Team Members

Brenda Burnett – Chairperson

Jennifer Zenor – Vice Chairperson

Allison Anderson – Coordinator

Shad Bates

Jackie Brown

Steve Corsi

Jennifer Davis

Steve Gilmore

Debra Hibbard

Cpt. Karen Hinkle

Lynn Huylar

Lauri Lamm

Diane MacPherson

Cpt. Derek Mickelson

Troy Palmer

Jennifer Zenor

Dara Lawyer

Erin Swilling

Dan Wilde